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We love questions.
We deliver

Our mission

Quest defines itself as a supplier of answers.

We offer tailor-made market research to deliver practical help in your decision making process. We want to actively contribute to your success.

We conduct BtoB and BtoC research projects on a national, regional and international level.

We put at your disposal a multilingual and skilled team of professionals fully committed to your research project.

Our services

Quest proposes market research projects adapted to your products, services, needs and constraints. We explore and quantify for our clients a large scope of thematic areas.

  1. needs, motivations, barriers and blockers of your target groups
  2. market shares, penetration and awareness of your brand, services and products
  3. satisfaction, loyalty and migration of clients
  4. strengths, weaknesses and assets of your brand and/or product
  5. perception and position in your competitive environment
  6. evolution of markets by barometric surveys
  7. observation of your competitors
  8. acceptance and impact of your marketing tools
  9. the internal environment of your corporation/organisation

Whatever the difficulty of your project, please, discuss with us.

Our solutions

  • Our quantitative methods

    These methods allow to discover, describe and quantify consumption behavior and attitudes: market shares, penetration of brands, services or products, satisfaction, loyalty and migration of clients …

    • CAWI (Computer Aided Web Interviews)
    • CAPI (Computer Aided Personal Interviews)
    • CATI (Computer Aided Telephone Interviews)
    • our panel
  • Our qualitative methods

    Qualitative research follows the objective to discover the reasons of consumption behavior and explores values, beliefs and attitudes, drivers and blockers, complex decision and buying processes.

    • In-depth face-to-face exploration
    • Biotic observation, tracking and scouting
    • Situational exploration
  • Our dynamic methods

    A lot of private corporations, integrate consumers and clients into their strategic development. We use applied creativity and group dynamics in solution finding processes to improve your products, services, concepts and action plans.

    • Discussion groups
    • Biotic groups
    • Mystery shopping
    • Creative workshops
    • Scouting

Our references

We are proud to work nationally and internationally for the most dynamic players of different sectors:

  1. Banking, insurance and financial services
  2. Automotive brands, services and leasing
  3. Telco operators and IT
  4. Fast rotating consumer goods
  5. Distribution
  6. Oil and petrol brands
  7. Service Industry
  8. Healthcare, pharmaceutical brands and products
  9. Cosmetics
  10. Chemistry
  11. Public and institutional sector

Don't hesitate to ask for our references in your sector.

Our values

We feature, share and defend values which are not common in market research. We orchestrate our everyday work around these values.

  1. We are not merely trying to satisfy clients. We try to excel in everything we do and go far beyond expectations !
  2. We are not just professionals. We feel passionate about what we do and we behave as such !
  3. We never try to appear more intelligent than we are. We do not cheat, lie or mystify. We say things like they are !
  4. We do not define ourselves through our competitors. We do not just copy industry practices. We invent ourselves and we set the standard on this market.
  5. We are the challengers. Therefore we are lean, fast, and reactive!

For Quest, a survey is not an abstract project for an anonymous client. Our team engages itself with devotion and personal implication.

Team and contact

Our team of highly qualified and skilled professionals is composed of psychologists, sociologists, marketers, economists …

  • Carlo Kissen, CEO
  • Phone: int352 - 26 48 20 88
  • Quest S.A.
  • 98, rue de Bonnevoie
  • L-1260 Luxembourg